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Take Action!

What can you do to promote the cause of liberty? There are countless ways you can help - the list below is just a beginning.

Vote for Libertarians!
This goes without saying, and this is the absolute least you can do and still call yourself a Libertarian. But we need your help in many more ways... Read on!

Get Involved!
Get out and meet your fellow Libertarians. Check out the event calendar on this web site and find an event happening in your area. New members are always welcome and encouraged to attend any and all events and we are eager to get to know you.

Join the Party!
By joining the party, you will begin to receive the LP News, as well as state and local newsletters to keep you up to date. Your name will be added to our database so we can keep you informed. Your $25 dues will help the party financially, and your name on the membership rolls will help us show the world that we are a growing party. You can join right from your web browser.

Subscribe to Our Email Lists!
LPVA-Announce will notify you of important news and events in the state. Regional Announce lists are available to let you know of events in your area. To learn how to subscribe to these lists, visit our email list page.

Write a Letter to the Editor!
Let your local paper know the Libertarian position on a subject that has just appeared in the paper. To increase the chance it will get printed, please keep it short and be courteous. Very important! - Don't forget to use the "L" word.

Recruit a Member!
You don't have to become a Libertarian Billy Graham, but let your friends and family know the Libertarian point of view on current events and why you agree with it. Don't forget to bring a friend to an event and introduce them to us.

Volunteer Your Time!
During campaign season, our candidates are always in need of Libertarian friends to drop literature on doorsteps, place campaign signs, and help out in many other ways. Even when there are no active campaigns, there are numerous occasions where you can help us run a booth or table at a fair or gun show, or join a tax protest. These are just samples of the many opportunities we have for you to volunteer your time.

Send Money!
Political parties, like all organizations, run on cash. If you cannot contribute your time, please consider contributing your money instead. After all, time equals money. Our candidates would be very appreciative of any contribution, large or small. You can send money to the Libertarian Party of Virginia electronically and securely right from this very web site. Also, consider joining the LPVA pledge program.

Run For Office!
We are always looking for candidates to carry the Libertarian flag. Without candidates, we would be a debate or social club rather than a political party. Your run for office will not only help us out tremendously, it will be an experience you remember for life, and tell your grandchildren about.

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