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Sime Addresses LP-NOVA Convention

By Marianne Volpe

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Arin Sime

Fairfax – November 11, 2006 –Libertarians in Northern Virginia met Saturday, November 11, 2006 in convention to elect a new Executive Committee and make changes to the bylaws. Attendees heard from State Senate candidate Arin Sime. After the convention adjourned the Executive Committee met and elected Steve Damerell Chair.

Sime is running for State Senate in the 25th senate district against Emmett Hanger, the Republican incumbent. He said he felt this race was a good opportunity because it will be a one-against-one race without a Democratic challenger. Hanger is not well-liked in his district, said Sime, because he voted for massive tax increases.

The campaign’s strategy will establish name recognition by having the candidate meet as many voters as possible. Sime’s campaign began more than a year ago, and he said that starting a year and a half early gives him an advantage over his opponent.  He has already been in three parades and attended many outreach events to meet the voters.

After a question and answer period, the convention was called to order by Chair Geoff Allen. The first order of business was to adopt the agenda, then the proposed bylaws changes were addressed.  Two bylaws changes were approved: to simplify future convention notification with a single 30-day advance mail notification as the only requirement, and to change the method by which Executive Committee members are elected from cumulative voting to approval voting.

The two bylaws changes that failed were to change LPNOVA’s membership requirements and to change the bylaws modification process. The debate on the change to membership requirements was lively, with members suggesting amendments to the proposed language; Jim Turbett advised everyone that amendments to the text published in Nova Liberty were not possible. It was the sense of the body that another convention would be called for February, 2007, to make further changes to the bylaws.

The nominees for Executive Committee each spoke about their reasons for seeking the office. Members then voted and elected: Geoff Allen, Steve Damerell, Donny Ferguson, Kevin McKenna, Jonathan Tomer and Marianne Volpe.  

Damerell moved to adjourn and the motion passed. The new Executive Committee held a short meeting, voting to thank past Committee members Geoff Allen, Chuck Eby, Marta Howard, Tony Torres and Milan Zacek for their work.  Kevin McKenna agreed to serve as the new Treasurer, and Geoff Allen volunteered to serve as Secretary.

The Committee formally voted to adopt the two bylaws changes that had just been approved by the members in convention. The Committee agreed to meet again on Monday, December 18, at the Thomas Jefferson Library, 7415 Arlington Blvd., at 7:30 p.m. Everyone interested in the Libertarian Party or advancing freedom in Northern Virginia is welcome to attend LPNOVA meetings.

The Committee adjourned the meeting and everyone enjoyed the diverse fare at the monthly pot luck dinner party.
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