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Wood Debates Opponents

By Chuck Eby

Spacer Image Wilbur Wood Debates Opponents
Wilbur "Bill" Wood

Herndon – October 18, 2006 – Wilbur “Bill” Wood clashed with his opponents for Virginia’s Tenth Congressional District seat in a debate hosted by the League of Women Voters last night.  The event was moderated by radio commentator and former television weatherperson, Hillary Howard, with a panel of media reporters posing questions to the candidates.

Wood appeared on stage with his opponents Republican incumbent of 13 terms, Frank Wolf, Democrat Judy Feder, and Independent Neeraj Nigam.  The debate took place at the Dulles Hyatt.

“We must begin withdrawing our sons and daughters from Iraq right away,” said Wood – the only candidate who went on record in demanding an immediate phased withdrawal in response to a question about the Iraq war.  Feder’s response to the same question was to demand the removal of Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld; Wolf wants to wait for a recommendation from the “Iraq Study Group” – a government commission that he helped found, and Nigam believes the United States must “finish the job.”

Frank Wolf Spacer Image
Incumbent Frank Wolf Speaks to the Crowd

Asked about the problem of affordable healthcare, Wood responded that “Health Savings Accounts are far better than a government healthcare system.  The health consumer will make much better choices when spending his own money, and unused funds can help build wealth that can be passed on to our children.”  Feder, who worked on the unsuccessful Clinton healthcare plan believed that a comprehensive government plan was needed.

In response to a question from the audience whether the candidate would be voting for or against the proposed amendment to the Virginia constitution banning gay marriage and selected private contracts between private citizens, Wood and Feder said they would be voting against the amendment, Nigam said the amendment "went too far", and Wolf said he would be voting for it.

In his closing statement, Wood explained how he grew up during years of Democratic control of Congress and how he looked forward to the “Republican Revolution” that promised lower taxes, reduced government spending, and more personal freedom.

“When the Republicans took over, all of their promises turned out to be empty,” said Wood.  “Now Judy Feder wants you to give Congress back to the Democrats.  Instead of leaving control of Congress with the big-government Republicans, or giving it back to the big-government Democrats, I’m asking you to vote for Wilbur Wood.  I am the only candidate who will work to make your government smaller.”

Reporters from the Washington Post, News Channel 8, and several local papers were present.  The debate was taped by News Channel 8 and will be aired in its entirety later this month.
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